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Thor’s Day Alert #7: The Nine Worlds of Norse Myth

Happy Thor’s Day, everybody!

Today, a short discussion of world structure according to Norsemen. They believed in nine worlds or planes, situated on three levels. The Nine Worlds are:

Asgard: realm of the Aesir (warrior) gods

Vanaheim: realm of the Vanir (vain) gods

Alfheim: realm of the Light Elves

Midgard: realm of man

Jotunheim: realm of Frost Giants

Nidavellir: realm of dwarves

Svartalfheim: realm of Dark Elves

Niflheim: realm of the common (non-warrior) dead

Muspelheim: realm of Fire Giants

Integral to Norse myth and these worlds is the one thing that links them all — the great ash tree, Yggdrasil. If you’d like to know how to pronounce that, click here, then scroll down a little and look for the “HEAR” button.

Cool, huh? Even cooler than the profanities you entered! What’s that? You didn’t check pronunciations of any four-letter words? Oh. I thought computerized swearing was universally hilarious.

Thanks for stopping by! See ya next week, if not sooner.


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