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Tuesday Althing: Amon Amarth

Back in the day of Norse lore, Viking chieftains met periodically to discuss laws and to settle disagreements without resorting to force of arms. This meeting was called a Thing. Even today, Iceland calls its parliament Althing.

In honor of those fine and notably democratic gatherings, I hereby establish Tuesday Althing at Storm of the North blog. If you have a Nordic-themed video or book or website you’d like to share with the rest of us, please email a link to me, your de facto Lawspeaker, and I’ll post it on a Tuesday. My email address is listed on my bio page.

Many thanks to blog reader Jacob Bliss, who was good enough to send a link recommending a Norse-themed metal band called Amon Amarth.  Sweet! A concept band. (Most bands can’t even pull off a concept album.)

Without further ado, then, limber up your necks and dig Amon Amarth, hammering out Runes to My Memory:

See ya Thor’s Day!


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