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Thor’s Day Alert #10: Bifrost

Happy Thor’s Day, everybody!

One of the more interesting aspects of myth and ancient beliefs is how natural phenomenon of the physical world influenced our conception of the spiritual.

If you’re familiar with Norse myth, you’ve doubtless heard of Bifrost — aka the Rainbow Bridge — which the gods use to travel between Asgard and Midgard. Less familiar, perhaps, is the knowledge of where this bridge can be found.

If you live far enough north, you can find the bridge on certain clear nights; simply look to the sky. If you don’t live in the North, simply look to the image at top of this blog. Ja, the good old northern lights and Bifrost are one and the same. On the image, trace your cursor downward from the top of the brightest green band until the band narrows and nearly vanishes on the horizon.

It’s easy to imagine how the aurora might appear to some as a bridge. Cool, huh?

Just one more thing Southerners miss out on. You can keep your warm beaches — give me snow and ice and illusions at night!

Thanks for stopping by. Join me at this Tuesday’s Althing and I’ll give you . . . wine?


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