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Tuesday Althing: Erik’s the Red Wine

Welcome to another Tuesday Althing!

As promised last Thor’s Day, today I’m giving you some wine. A wine recommendation, to be exact. And of course it’s a Viking wine!

At least it has a Viking on the label. I’m far from being a wine connoisseur, so don’t expect much from this briefest of reviews:

Erik’s the Red is a blend offered by Toad Hollow. About $15.00 per bottle. I’d call it a heavy red — so heavy in fact that the better batches contain some silt. (How Viking is that?!) Again, I don’t know much about wine, but I’m guessing silt and quality don’t normally go hand-in-hand.

Seriously, the bottle I had last weekend was noticeably short on silt and, lo and behold, body as well. If you go looking for this wine, try to grab a bottle that has some ochre-colored sediment collected along the down-facing side of the bottle. Tip the bottle once or twice before opening; the silt will re-suspend. I promise you’ll never see it in your glass.

Or feel it in your mouth — if you hit the wine straight from the bottle like a true Viking. Hey!

If you missed the above link to this wine, here it is again:


Thanks for stopping by. See ya Thor’s Day!


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