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Tuesday Althing: In The Name Of The King

I think I’ll rename Tuesday Althing to Tuesday Videothing. Yep. Another video clip today. But not music. A movie. A really bad movie.

You’ll notice this movie is not Norse-themed. But it is fantasy, which is a topic somewhat related to this blog. And everybody likes fantasy movies, right? Here’s one then we can all hate! Behold:

I kept waiting for Jason Statham to hop into an Audi and escape the fracas. Or to see Ray Liotta trade his sorcery for a police-issue Glock. As for Burt Reynolds, well, I thought he had died. Seriously.

And seriously — rent In The Name Of The King. It’s so bad, it’s good. (There are even ninjas in this movie. Talk about a final battle. Whew!) You’ll be making up your own lines in no time, a la Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Which, by the way, I happen to think is a fine movie! Too bad I could never get the audience to shut up so that I might better enjoy it. But no more. Bwahahahaha! The power of YouTube is mine to wield — and to force on you like Dr. Frank N. Furter on Janet (or Brad, as it also was). Enjoy:

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed this week’s Tuesday Allskate. I mean Althing. Whatever.

See ya Thor’s Day!


3 responses

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  2. philipmartin

    That’s funny!
    Can you say “pastiche”?
    [origin: pie made of many different ingredients.]

    Okay, here’s another word I recently came across
    (in a limerick about Blago from Chicago) . . .

    [origin: mixed fodder for cattle]

    Philip Martin
    Great Lakes Lit

    February 24, 2009 at 10:13 am

  3. davidfarney

    I do hope you’re deploying these cool words in regard to the movie, and not my blog post!

    I always thought farrago was a type of wainscotting:


    Maybe I should read more. Or less. Or something.

    February 24, 2009 at 5:49 pm

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