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Tuesday Althing: The Seventh Seal

Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Althing! I’m happy to say today’s bit of Scandinavian randomness will be delivered once more via video.

On Sunday I watched Swedish director Ingmar Bergman’s film, The Seventh Seal. If you’re not familiar with the movie, it’s a black and white that takes place in 14th century plague-stricken Sweden. A knight returning from the crusades challenges Death to a game of chess in order to buy some time so that he might find knowledge of the afterlife before he dies.

With such a universal theme, you might think I came away from the film feeling comforted about my own humanity and fears and questions of faith or purpose. Indeed you might think I’d be inspired to explore these feelings more deeply.  If so, you’re right. I went straight to the oracle of YouTube.

Where I found this bit of look-away philosophy:

Rock the Casbah meets The Seventh Seal? Seriously? Thank you, fellow humans, for reminding us to sing and dance though death stalks us all! I think Squire Jons would approve.

Thanks for stopping by. See ya Thor’s Day!


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