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Tuesday Althing: NORSE CODE

Look out, vampires! A fantasy subgenre I call ‘Norse fiction’ appears to be (at last) catching some momentum. If you’re a fan of Norse mythology and would like to see more books building on this lore, then I hope you’ll consider buying Greg van Eekhout’s debut novel, NORSE CODE, which releases today.

Greg was good enough to send me an advance copy, and I read it lastNorse Code weekend. (Thanks, Greg — and congrats!) I’m no book reviewer but I’ll say this: if you’re not a fan of urban fantasy, don’t let the jacket copy put you off. NORSE CODE’s true hero is more likely the god Hermod — not Mist the SoCal Valkyrie — for whom Eekhout creates an interesting history of alienation and guilt following the god’s failure in Norse myth to bring his brother Balder back from Niflheim.

Here’s the jacket copy:

Is this Ragnarok, or just California?
The NorseCODE genome project was designed to identify descendants of Odin. What it found was Kathy Castillo, a murdered MBA student brought back from the dead to serve as a Valkyrie in the Norse god’s army. Given a sword and a new name, Mist’s job is to recruit soldiers for the war between the gods at the end of the world — and to kill those who refuse to fight.

You can read Chapter One online here, at Tor.com.

You can read Chapter Two online here, at Suvudu.com.

Thanks for stopping by. See ya Thor’s Day!


2 responses

  1. mentatjack

    At his book signing last week Greg really geeked out about Norse Mythology. I think he’s actually inspired me to read the Edda. He hinted in the interview I just posted that there are some other bits out of the Edda he’s interested in tackling in future books.

    May 29, 2009 at 12:22 pm

    • Feel free to post a link to your interview — I’d like to read it.

      That’s really cool Greg’s such an exuberant fan of Norse myth, and that he hinted at writing/building on the myths in the future. I like that he focused so strongly on a minor god and indeed think this (Hermod) was the most compelling character in NORSE CODE. I also think if he’s not pigeonholed within the urban fantasy subgenre he could REALLY kick ass. His knowledge and passion for Norse lore shows in his debut . . .

      As for you — beware, the Eddas are addictive! I recommend checking out the very first book on my Nordic Links list — it’s a great contemporary translation of the Prose Edda and includes root meanings of words/names. Here’s a link:


      May 29, 2009 at 7:57 pm

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