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Tuesday Althing: Music and Writing

No Scandinavianism today, but a bit about writing and music instead.

When I write I can’t usually listen to my favorite rock music because I’m distracted by the lyrics. Punk, metal, alt — whatever, I get too caught up in the musicians’ storytelling to focus on my own. So I listen to a lot of classical when I write. Or lately, spacemusic courtesy of Hearts of Space.

But there is one band I can listen to when I write. At least when I’m writing fight-scenes, of which there are a number in STORM OF THE NORTH. The band? Testament. Check out D.N.R. and see if it makes you want to pick up an axe and shield and join the fray! (Underworld movie sequences are a bonus.)

If you’re up to it, close your eyes and listen to the song again. (Mom — you get a pass.) This song even sounds like axes and swords smashing against shields! I think I heard a death scream in there too.

Thanks for stopping by. See ya Thor’s Day!


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