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Thor’s Day Alert #28: Havamal & Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

Happy Thor’s day, everybody!

As co-proprietor and editor of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, I’ve been mighty busy the last couple weeks with duties related to HFQ’s July 1 launch. Because I’m equally busy this week, I thought it would be fun to dig into a little book called FEROCIOUS COMMON SENSE and share a few sayings that capture the spirit of heroic fantasy.

These verses are John Louis Anderson’s interpretations of a section of The Elder Edda known as Havamal, which is also known as ‘Sayings of the High One’.

Rise early to battle for your life
or win another’s land;
Prey never falls to sleeping wolves,
nor victories to sleepers.

Never praise a day till the sun has set,
nor a torch till it’s burned out;
Ice till it’s crossed,
nor ale till the cup is empty.

The generous and bold live the best lives,
and seldom harbor sorrow.
But the timid shrink back from life,
and the greedy cling to spare change.

The foolhardy think they will stay unhurt,
if they keep aloof from the fray;
But old age will wound them all the same,
even though no spear cut through their flesh.

Your gifts need not be large,
sharing what you have will oft bring thanks;
Half a loaf and a half-empty cup
have won me many friends.

Words to live by, yo. Wait — I mean words to live by, ja.

Thanks for stopping by. See ya Tuesday!


One response

  1. Adrian

    Ah, I always loved the “Sayings of the High One”.

    Good, solid stuff. One of my favorites: “Don’t let the grass grown on the paths to the houses of your friends.”

    July 12, 2009 at 9:11 pm

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