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Tuesday Althing: Lumsk

A couple of months ago I posted a video by a Norwegian folk metal band called Lumsk. I promptly ordered the CD, and since then have been obsessed with listening to it. This is one of my new all time favorite albums — especially now that I kind of understand what’s going on with the lyrics. It’s a concept album retelling the Norwegian legend of Asmund Frægdegjaevar and how he rescues a princess from the realm of trolls.

The CD liner notes recap each song in English so non-Norwegian-speaking folks like myself can follow along. Very cool. If you enjoy folk metal or Viking metal of the more melodic sort, buy this disc! You’ll love it — I promise.

Until then, check back for the next few Tuesday Althings here at Storm of the North blog; I’ve scoured YouTube for songs off this kickass album and will cue them up in order, one per week, until we reach the end of the tale.

Here’s the first installment, a song called det var irlands konge bold, which the CD liner notes explain:

So said The King

The King’s daughter has been taken away by trolls. The King asks who would be brave enough to go out and find her. The crowd around him hails Asmund as the bravest among them, and so it is settled. The King gives Asmund his word that he will be joined with his daughter Ermelin in marriage if she is brought back to him.

Check it out:

Come back Thor’s Day to read the end of the Ragnarok tale. More Lumsk on the next Tuesday Althing, August 18th. Thanks for stopping by!


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