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Tuesday Althing: Lumsk — Har som spunnid gull & Slepp meg

Welcome to another Tuesday Althing! The subject of today’s Scandinavian interest is the continuation of  the album Asmund Frægdegjaevar by the Norwegian band Lumsk. And lucky you! It’s two-for-Tuesday here at Storm of the North blog; I’m queuing up a pair of Lumsk tunes today — tracks 5 and 6 from the aforementioned album.

First up, Har som spunnid gull. From the liner notes:

Hair like spun gold
While Asmund is asleep Princess Ermelin enters the hall. She is beautiful, her hair looks like it has been spun out of gold and her eyelashes of soft silk. Asumnd wakes up, leaps down from the bed and embraces her.

Dig it:

Sounded gold and silky to me. But much like real life, beauty and tranquil moments are fleeting. Here’s track 6 — Slepp meg — which sounds troubling even to non-Norwegian speaking folks like me. From the liner notes:

Let go of me
Ermelin is under the spell of the Troll-mother, and she has made her believe that she is her daughter. “Let go of me Asmund, or I will call my mother!” Asmund tries to tell her that she is the King’s daughter, but the Princess insists that her mother will crush him if she sees them together.

Check it out:

Thanks for stopping by. See ya Tuesday!


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