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Tuesday Althing: Lumsk — Olaf’s belti

After failing to post in the last two weeks, I’m happy to be back on track with the Tuesday Althing. Today, the continuation of the album Asmund Frægdegjaevar by the Norwegian band Lumsk. I couldn’t find the 7th track on YouTube, so I’ll just post the lyrics to that and then get on with the lyrics and tuneage for the 8th track.

From the liner notes, here’s what Skomegyvri is about:

The troll-mother
Skomegyvri comes charging in asking who this little worm stealing her daughter is. Asmund proudly presents himself as Asmund Frægdegjaevar (Frægd: bold, honourable). She tells him that no one is bolder than Thor — the thunder god. Asmund asks her where she has got hold of the broad, massive belt she is wearing.

Well said Skomegyvri, well said. No one is bolder than Thor! Ahem.

The next song on the album is called Olaf’s belti. Yep:

Olaf’s belt
Skomegyveri tells him [Asmund] that she had tried to kill King Olaf when he was on his crusade two years ago. He had struck her over the head with such force that her wounds had still not healed properly.

The King cast fire, holy-water and glowing ashes upon her, and she knew she was not welcome in this world. She flicked open the King’s belt and took it with her as she sunk into the earth.


Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to come back next Tuesday when I’ll post one of the best songs on this album — a song I’ve posted before on Storm of the North blog. But this time we’ll be able to tell just what the heck it’s about!


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