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Tuesday Althing: Lumsk — I lytinne tva

Here’s track 9 from the album Asmund Frægdegjaevar by the Norwegian band Lumsk. It’s the first song I ever heard from this album and I still love it! I posted the video on this blog before, but now that I own the album I actually (kinda) know what it’s about. And so will you. The name of the song is I lytinne tva. From the liner notes:

Cut in half
Asmund fights the Troll-mother. She claims that she is stronger than him by far, since she has been fighting Christian men before. Asmund wounds her in the gut and she tells him that the only way of saving her soul is to chop her in half and walk in between the two parts. He replies that he will cut her in half, but only the devil himself would walk in between them. As she is dying she swears that Asmund will not make it out of Trollebotten alive.


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