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Tuesday Althing: Lumsk — Der e ingi dag’e

Today we reach the end of the Asmund Frægdegjaevar legend via the 13th and last song off the album by the Norwegian band Lumsk. This is supposed to be a happy song, but to me it sounds kind of sad. But keep listening beyond the organ/singing and you’ll soon feel downright jiggy — Lumsk gives us a cool bonus with a fiddles-only version of the most excellent I lytinne tva.

So, back to today’s tune: Der e ingi dag’e, which the album liner notes explain:

Asmund returns
The King and queen are looking out on the fjord as Asmund returns with their precious daughter Ermelin.


So that’s it. Thanks for listening these past weeks. Did you buy this album yet?

I hope you’ll stop by next week, when I’ll start earning my keep around here again!


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