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Tuesday Althing: Darkon, the movie

At today’s Althing I’m taking a break from things Nordic in order to talk about other random goodness. But, like the legend of Asmund Frægdegjaevar that I’ve been pimping the last couple of months, today’s subject does include a warrior.

Sort of.

Maybe he’s more of lovable loser. He’s definitely a hero. His name? Skip. Skip Lipman. And he’s the real-life star of a docudrama called Darkon.

Don’t get me wrong, Skip isn’t heroic in the soldier/cop/firefighter sense — but I think you’ll agree that in the arena of the human condition, he’s got all the right stuff: he’s true to himself, he’s true to his family and friends, and he’s got the balls to scorn societal convention with every turn of his foam-padded sword.

See, Skip is what’s known as a live-action role-playing gamer. Yep. Along with hundreds of other folks in Maryland, Skip dresses up as a warrior — specifically a Roman centurion, I believe — in order to wage feudal war against other groups/countries in the Darkon Wargaming Club.

If you’re unfamiliar with such organizations, consider the sorts of exhibitors you might see at a Renaissance festival. If you’ve ever wondered how deeply those personas carryover into people’s personal lives, I think Darkon might give you some insight. Here’s a movie trailer — the first guy you see is our man Skip Lipman:

I can’t recommend this film highly enough. I DARE you not to pull for Skip — both on the battlefield, and off! Rent or buy Darkon the movie without delay.

Special thanks to Philip Martin for recommending Darkon for a slot at the Tuesday Althing. Also thanks to Andrew Neel and Luke Meyer for directing this bit of genius!

And to you, good reader, thanks for stopping by.



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