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Tuesday Althing: Krauka — Odinn

Welcome to another Tuesday Althing. Today’s Scandinavian randomness comes recommended by Jill Johnson, US Project Manager for a band called Krauka.


I hadn’t heard of Krauka, but I LIKE ‘EM. Here’s what they’re about — from the Krauka website:

Krauka was formed in 1999 around the idea of combining storytelling and music from the Viking Age. The band takes you on a journey back in time to an era when life was all about battles, pillaging and drinking. Krauka’s music is played on instruments reconstructed after archaeological findings, but modern elements interwine, creating an intense and often wild atmosphere inspired by the sagas and the Nordic forces of nature.

Intrigued? Me too. Here’s a video of the title track from their most recent album, Odinn:

Did you notice the chrome sculpture in the background? By Thor! It’s the thunderer himself — Mjollnir raised for smiting — being pulled in his chariot by his tireless goats.

To learn more about Krauka or to listen to some free songs, you can hit their website here. To get straight to the music, go here. Do yourself a favor and listen to the song Gimli — a crazy good tune where Viking folk music collides with Talking Heads. (I don’t speak Danish or Icelandic, but I’m guessing this song is less about the dwarf of Tolkien fame and more about the the gold-roofed hall in Asgard where good men were said to go upon their death.) Awesome.

Hope you enjoyed the music. Thanks again to Jill Johnson for giving me the head’s up on Krauka.

Thanks for stopping by!


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