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Tuesday Althing: Rusmacked Volvo

I have a new favorite Viking. Her name? Freya Svensson. If you haven’t heard of this Swede and the problems with her Swedish steed-of-the-street (kenning translation: Volvo XC70) , check it out. Something tells me Freya’s tactics are going to pay off.

Here follow some vids where you can witness Freya’s assault on Volvo North America and Rusnak Volvo — the dealership that’s (allegedly) screwing her around:

Do NOT miss this next one — Freya lamenting Volvo in Swedish song. Awesome:

Here’s where it gets really good: Freya has issued a call for service records for any Volvo owner who cares to send them to her. She’s going to compile common Volvo ownership problems and go public with them. You can follow and cheer her on at her Rusmacked Volvo blog, here:


Go Freya!


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