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Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Issue 13

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Issue 13 went live July 1. This is our 3rd anniversary issue — hard to believe! And equally hard work, at times, but the joy of discovering cool stories, poems, and art makes it all worthwhile.  Big thanks to William Ledbetter for joining the team a year or so ago, and to Jim Lecky for throwing in for a stint before William. And of course big thanks to all our contributors over the years. (Is HFQ too young for me to use that verbiage — over the years?)

Here’s a snippet from Issue 13’s editorial, including content:

Even as the rumble of the Oklahoma City Thunder fades, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly keeps the adrenaline going with Issue 13. This is our three-year anniversary issue — an eternity on the internet! Coincidentally, tales by two of this quarter’s fictioneers mark their third publications at HFQ. Weird. But in a good way. In this issue we’re also proud to present poetry by a Texan and an Oklahoman — a veritable Red River Rivalry of speculative poetry!

We get year four off to a strong start with a full complement of material:

Fiction Contents:
A GAME OF CHESS, by David Pilling
Two-time HFQ alum David Pilling is back with his third remarkable tale, in which the most disabused knight of the Round Table has to do some heavy heroic lifting to save his hotheaded companion. We got your en passant right here!

RENEGADE, by Alex Marshall
Also returning for a third round is Alex Marshall with a tale of adventure, action, and a last shot (pun intended, you mixed-techies) at redemption in his far-future world of Pangaia.

DANCE UPON SAND, by Seamus Bayne
We enjoyed last issue’s CROWN OF SORROWS so much that we had to have more adventures of the now less-than-human Ordwin. If you missed this tale’s forbear, check it out here.

Poetry Contents:
No ordinary creatures, no ordinary rules.

Bethany Powell is back at HFQ with another great piece. You think your work is never done? Try escorting fallen warriors to the afterlife . . .

Jonas Jakobsson’s Watched by Owls graces our banner in Issue 13. Many thanks, Jonas — love your work! If you want to check out more of his art, you can find him at Deviant Art, here.

To read the rest of the editorial and for live links, click here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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