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About the Blog

Welcome to Storm of the North, a blog about Norse mythology, Vikings, and my novel – which I hope advances Scandinavian lore in a respectable way.

Before we get to the interesting stuff, first a little about me, David Farney. I discovered Norse myth through comic books. Yep, you guessed it: The Mighty Thor. After high school I took a more academic interest in the Norse gods and, from there, in the history and literature of the Viking peoples who worshiped them.

But don’t worry – if the word ‘academic’ sounds dry or boring or highbrow, I assure you Scandinavian lore is anything but!

(The myth recipe is pretty simple, and far from exact: one part loudmouth, two parts mead or ale, three parts fantasy consisting of magical trinket, spell, and being such as god/goddess, giant, dwarf and elf. For saga recipe, substitute most but not all fantastical elements with swords, shields, and lots of humans.)

If you’re unfamiliar with Norse myths and Icelandic sagas, I hope you’ll stop by now and then to learn more about these incredible stories and the culture from which they grew.

If you’re already a fellow fan of things Nordic, please consider making Storm of the North a regular stop on your blog-reading-route. I’m always on the lookout for Nordic-themed book/music/art/movie recommendations and, indeed, intend to make my own contribution to the literature.

So thanks for stopping by! Before you venture further – within this blog or away – allow me to send you on with a few words of Nordic wisdom, borrowed here from Ferocious Common Sense by John Louis Anderson, a partial translation of ancient Nordic writings known as The Elder Edda:

Guard your secrets, tell them only to one person,
never share them with two;
What three people know, the whole world knows.

By all means, tell two people about this blog. . . .