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Tuesday Althing: Still Alive — Again!

Hey Everybody! (Well, both of you — used to be I’d get 200 hits per day.)

I’m still alive. Ja, I’ve said this before, I know. But I seriously am still walking the world in a mostly sound body, and I’m intent on returning to blogging and writing about Norse/Viking/Scandinavian stuff more regularly.


Because I miss doing so. And because — after 2.5 straight years of reading submissions, editing, and publishing on schedule — my buddies and I at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly are taking a break from such rigors.

It has been a fun ride at HFQ, and we’ll get back on the horse in due time. For now, though, real life and our own creative needs as writers demands a step back. As a writer, I can see now why some editors and agents are so susceptible to . . . terseness, irritability, and just plain flightiness. The flood of communications and seemingly never-ending to-do lists (all of which must be addressed in our free time after we’ve clocked out from our day jobs) weighs like, uh, Mjolnir against one’s skull.

So it is with an equal measure of sadness and relief that I hereby announce HFQ’s closure to submissions of FICTION until the end of January, 2012. We’re still open to poetry and art submissions, though, so keep those coming — speaking solely for myself, I’ll say that poetry has been and remains the most enjoyable and surprising component of what we’ve published at HFQ.

So stop by Heroic Fantasy Quarterly and read a poem or two and, meanwhile, also stand by for more frequent updates to Storm of the North blog.

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday Althing: Heroic Fantasy Quarterly — Issue 4

I’m happy to say we published Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Issue 4 last week — right on time! We found two cool stories and poems this go ’round. This issue’s banner art is by Jesus Garcia Lopez, whose website and other work you can find a link to at HFQ. I hope you’ll check it out when you get a chance.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday Althing: Testament — Hammer of the Gods/Thor tribute

Check out this cool montage of panels from the (not so) new Thor comic book series. The art on this series is really good, but I wasn’t down with the story. Excellent choice of music: Testament’s Hammer of the Gods.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope to start posting more routinely in the coming weeks — real life (all good) has gotten in the way of my virtual one.

Tuesday Althing: Lumsk — Der e ingi dag’e

Today we reach the end of the Asmund Frægdegjaevar legend via the 13th and last song off the album by the Norwegian band Lumsk. This is supposed to be a happy song, but to me it sounds kind of sad. But keep listening beyond the organ/singing and you’ll soon feel downright jiggy — Lumsk gives us a cool bonus with a fiddles-only version of the most excellent I lytinne tva.

So, back to today’s tune: Der e ingi dag’e, which the album liner notes explain:

Asmund returns
The King and queen are looking out on the fjord as Asmund returns with their precious daughter Ermelin.


So that’s it. Thanks for listening these past weeks. Did you buy this album yet?

I hope you’ll stop by next week, when I’ll start earning my keep around here again!

Tuesday Althing: Lumsk — Kampen mot bergetrolli

Only two songs left to play from the awesome album Asmund Frægdegjaevar by the Norwegian band Lumsk. Here’s track 12 — a tune called Kampen mot bergetrolli — and here’s what it’s about, from the liner notes:

The battle against the mountain trolls
Asmund slays all of the trolls and sets off from Trollebotten with all the gold and silver he can find. The magical horse takes [him and Ermelin] across the sea as if the water was made of solid earth.


Thanks for stopping by! See ya Tuesday for the last song on this album, and of course for the conclusion to this highly truncated telling of the Asmund Frægdegjaevar legend.

Tuesday Althing: Lumsk — Fagran fljotan folen

Here’s track 11 from the album Asmund Frægdegjaevar by the Norwegian band Lumsk. It’s a long but good song. Here’s what it’s about, from the liner notes:

The magical horse
[Asmund] wonders how much gold the horse would want for helping him across the fjord. The horse replies that he must sacrifice his right hand (lay down his sword). Asmund confers with his God and agrees upon this term if both Ermelin and himself are taken safely across. He tells Ermelin to gather gold in a box, while he swings his sword one last time.


Thanks for stopping by! See ya Tuesday.

Tuesday Althing: Lumsk — Langt nord i Trollebotten

Here’s track 10 from the awesome album Asmund Frægdegjaevar by the Norwegian band Lumsk. This one’s an instrumental, but here’s the portion of the Asmund story that this song represents. From the liner notes:

In the far north of Trollebotten
Asmund finds his way out of the mountain-realm, but his ship is gone, and so are his brothers. He heads back into Trollebotten where he meets a magical horse.


Thanks for stopping by! See ya Tuesday.