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Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Issue 12

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Issue 12 went live April 1st — and on time, as usual. This issue’s art is by two-time contributor Mariusz Gandzel. Thanks, Mariusz . . . you’re providing all the eye candy we need!

As for mind candy, check out what we’ve got for you in HFQ Issue 12:

Fiction Contents:

CROWN OF SORROWS, by Seamus Bayne
As sword and sorcerous as we’ve seen in quite awhile at HFQ! A mercenary must become more (and far less) than human to claim a prize.

RHINDOR’S REMISSION, by Russell Miller
The mantle of centuries weighs heavy: a sorcerer’s vast mystical power on the one hand, imminent senility on the other!

BLADE AND BRANCH AND STONE, by Spencer Ellsworth
New dangers, new magics, and new moral dilemmas meet settlers at the edge of an empire.

Poetry Contents:

Ah, the joys of carving out a peaceful existence in postwar times. Wait — joy might not be the best choice of words.

SIDHE-SONG, by Phil Emery
A Celt survives the battlefield to live life freely and on his own terms. Or maybe not . . .

LEGEND, by Colleen Anderson
The ultimate endangered species, ultimately hunted to extinction. Almost brings a tear to the eye. Almost.

Last but not least, here are a couple of reviews for HFQ Issue 12:

Swords & Sorcery Blog

Keith West’s Adventures Fantastic

Thanks, reviewers — we appreciate the love!

And thanks to you for stopping by Storm of the North blog. In coming months, I hope to have exciting news regarding publication of Storm of the North, the novel.

Until then, go forth and read!


Tuesday Althing: Still Alive — Again!

Hey Everybody! (Well, both of you — used to be I’d get 200 hits per day.)

I’m still alive. Ja, I’ve said this before, I know. But I seriously am still walking the world in a mostly sound body, and I’m intent on returning to blogging and writing about Norse/Viking/Scandinavian stuff more regularly.


Because I miss doing so. And because — after 2.5 straight years of reading submissions, editing, and publishing on schedule — my buddies and I at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly are taking a break from such rigors.

It has been a fun ride at HFQ, and we’ll get back on the horse in due time. For now, though, real life and our own creative needs as writers demands a step back. As a writer, I can see now why some editors and agents are so susceptible to . . . terseness, irritability, and just plain flightiness. The flood of communications and seemingly never-ending to-do lists (all of which must be addressed in our free time after we’ve clocked out from our day jobs) weighs like, uh, Mjolnir against one’s skull.

So it is with an equal measure of sadness and relief that I hereby announce HFQ’s closure to submissions of FICTION until the end of January, 2012. We’re still open to poetry and art submissions, though, so keep those coming — speaking solely for myself, I’ll say that poetry has been and remains the most enjoyable and surprising component of what we’ve published at HFQ.

So stop by Heroic Fantasy Quarterly and read a poem or two and, meanwhile, also stand by for more frequent updates to Storm of the North blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday Althing: Heroic Fantasy Quarterly — Issue 3

We published the third issue of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly on New Year’s Eve. (Yes — HFQ editors DO have lives! We’d done all the work already and merely needed to push the virtual publish button. Sweet!) HFQ Issue 3 features a very cool Samurai tale, a decidedly original Arthurian story, and a gun-wielding dragon-slayer yarn.

You can check out these stories here:


Thanks for stopping by!


Head’s up, yo! Heroic Fantasy Quarterly is alive and well and, well, we’ve published our second issue. I co-own and help edit this mutha. Check out some cool adventure fantasy — stories and poems — here:


HFQ Oct 2009 small 2

Thanks for stopping by. See ya Tuesday!

Tuesday Althing: Heroic Fantasy Quarterly launched!

After 6+ months of work and a few intense weeks recently, I’m thrilled to announce we’ve published the first issue of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly! HFQ is a FREE quarterly ezine featuring short fiction and poetry — most with a slant favoring straight-ahead adventure fantasy. We’ve got some really cool stuff on tap and I hope you’ll check it out. Here’s a link:


And with that I’m taking a break from blogging for a couple of weeks. We’ve still got a ton of submissions to go through at HFQ, and I also want to focus on my own fiction writing for a bit.

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace out.