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Author Bio

David Farney studied architecture and science in college before earning a journalism degree. He works in medical sales and enjoys writing epic and historical fantasy, as well as speculative poetry.

Influences on STORM OF THE NORTH include a childhood spent near his Swedish and German grandparents in North Dakota, and later the Conan and Elric books he stole from Michael Ivins while living across the street from The Flaming Lips’ bass player in Oklahoma City.

David is editor and co-proprietor of HeroicFantasyQuarterly.com and is a founding member of the Oklahoma Speculative Fiction Syndicate. He lives with his wife in Oklahoma City.

Stay tuned for any news regarding David’s novel, STORM OF THE NORTH, which begins where Norse mythology ends.

David can be reached via email at:

davidfarney [insert the “at” symbol here] msn.com